High-End, Quality Photography

I’m a budding actress, and I needed some striking images for my portfolio. I wanted them to look natural but show my potential in front of the camera. Working with Ruth was really exciting, she listened to what I wanted but also pushed me out my comfort zone to get the best shots. I loved how she directed me and she was very specific on positioning, which really took the pressure off.  I didn’t realise how good I could look, but Ruth did and she drew it out. The lighting, positions and amazing high quality results were beyond my expectations. 

I’ve had LOADS of comments, likes and praise for the shots which are now on my ‘spotlight’ profile and website for casting agents to see. If you’re looking for high end, quality photos for your portfolio – give Ruth a call, you won’t be disappointed with the results.  Ruth has a natural eye for photography and her images speak for themselves.