Curvy Boudoir Photoshoot Loughborough

When I agreed to do a boudoir shoot with Ruth I didn’t know what to expect and wasn’t sure why I had agreed. We spoke on zoom about her ideas and she put me at ease and made me feel ‘worthy’ of a shoot like this, which I hadn’t realised that I didn’t feel worthy of.
On the day, Ruth was calm, understanding and went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and that this shoot was about me feeling empowered.

I’ve had a child, had an emergency c-section and now have a donut around me which for ages made me very self conscious as its rather large. Never have I ever felt so happy and confident in my own body as I did when Ruth showed me my photos. This body dysmorphia that we all seem to have became very apparent when I could hardly recognise this beautiful young woman in the pictures. Had I met Ruth and not felt that she had my best interests at heart, the experience and the body confidence it has given me would not have been the same.

Ruth’s passion for helping women find love for themselves is truly amazing. Thank you!