Ruth Taylor | Award-Winning Loughborough Portrait Photographer


I am an award-winning photographer!! January marked the first of the biannual submissions for The Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation in 2021.  I am always a bundle of excitement and nerves when entering!   How do I choose which images to enter?  What will the judges be looking for?  Which images might score well?  

All images entered are reviewed by 5 grand master judges and an average score is given.  In this round over 11,000 submissions were received and I am delighted to have been awarded 4 bronze awards!  Each bronze award counts towards a points total and a certain level of points is required to attain associate, master and fellow status.  The process of submitting images for accreditation is making me more deliberate about how I create each image, slowing down and noticing the details so I can create some really special portraits.  




How to Thrive After Breast Cancer

How to Thrive After Breast Cancer

How to Thrive After Breast Cancer When I met Dawn at a local networking event she talked about not just surviving but how to thrive after breast cancer. It was the perfect catalyst for me to kick-start a personal project that I’d had in mind for a while, creating...

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