Do I Need Professional Hair and Make-Up for Headshots?

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Do I Need Professional Hair and Make-Up for Headshots?

As a professional portrait photographer, I photograph and retouch headshots regularly and the difference that professional hair and make-up makes is significant.  The camera captures a lot of detail, and the lack of a good make-up application quickly becomes evident.  Wonky eyelashes, uneven skin tone and unnatural shades of foundation just don’t look good at all!

You might think, ‘Well, I don’t usually wear make-up, so I think I’ll be fine without it.’  However, even a natural make up application can make a huge difference – and will also involve preparing your skin properly beforehand.  Your professional headshots should look like you – the very best version of you!  Just as the right lighting, posing and expression are critical to a successful portrait, make-up is also an important element and can really elevate the results.  

6 Benefits of Having Professional Hair and Make-Up for Headshots

1 Maximise Your Investment

You’ve already booked your headshot session; you’ve maybe bought 1 or 2 new outfits and hiring a professional hair and make-up artist will give that extra polish to your headshots.  Just 30 minutes with a professional hair and make-up artist will make a huge difference to your headshots.

2 Take the Pressure Off

Feeling calm and prepared for your headshot session is a priority and having someone else take care of your hair and make-up is a game changer.  Knowing that an experienced professional is taking care of everything will make a tangible difference in your confidence and you’ll feel relaxed and enjoy your session.  Taking the time for a bit of pampering is very calming too! The women featured here felt more confident and really enjoyed the experience which shows in the final images seen below.

3 Get Your Professional Hair and Make-Up Done at my Home Studio or at Your Own Office Space

I can arrange a hair and make-up artist for you, so all you need to do is turn up with your outfits.  It is not expensive and products will be selected to suit your skin type and tone. I highly recommend Katie Morley, a professional hair and make-up artist based in Leicestershire, pictured below.

4 Even Out Skin Tone and Reduce Shine

A make-up artist will prepare your skin before any make-up application, to ensure that it is cleansed and well hydrated. Without preparation, clogged pores and dry skin can cause foundation to cling and the result can be patchy and uneven.  Any redness, rosacea or temporary blemishes will be gently concealed and undereye areas brightened, evening out skin tone.  Your preferences for eye and lip colour will be discussed beforehand – but keep in mind that we’re going for a natural look here; this is not the time for glamour make up!  Any shine on skin will be toned down if needed, especially if studio lighting is being used.  

5 No Bad Hair Days!

Whether you want straight and sleek locks or relaxed and wavy curls, a professional will be able to achieve the exact look you’re after.  Frizz and flyaways can be tamed on warmer days, ensuring you are looking your best.  Your hair is important and a big part of your appearance.  Let a professional take care of it for you!  

6 Create a Cohesive Look for Your Team

If some team members usually wear make-up and others don’t, it can lead to a bit of a mixed bag! Having a great visual first impression as a team will set you apart and set the tone for your client interactions.  A cohesive aesthetic – including wardrobe choices – will look professional and polished. Read this blog post for more tips on what to wear.

Is getting some new headshots on your to-do list? I’d love to create some fabulous business portraits that you’ll be proud to share!  Get in touch by clicking the button below. Want to see more? You can see my headshot gallery here.



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