headshot photography FAQs

Tips on how to prepare for your headshots

I just don’t look good on camera, help!

Creating a great headshot is not something that can be left to chance and my style is very hands on in terms of direction and feedback.  I will guide you on body and head position, right down to your expression so that the end result is exactly what it needs to be. If it takes a little time to relax and loosen up, that’s fine, I won’t rush you.

Where will my photo shoot take place?

I can either work from my home studio space, or at your work location, outdoors – or a combination in the area of Loughborough.  Please note that Express Headshots take place at my home studio space in Loughborough.

Planning your photography session

It is very important to me that I take time to get to know you and what you need from your session to ensure the best outcome.  We can chat by phone or email so that I can understand exactly what you are looking for and I can tailor your shoot appropriately.  For packages that include a consultation, I like to meet in person to share ideas and build rapport before your session. Collaborating on a Pinterest board can also be a useful tool for identifying your brand story and visual aesthetic.

How long will my headshot session take?

This depends on the package you choose and the number of people involved.  For individual express headshots I allow 45 minutes shoot time.

What should I wear to my photo session?

It is very important to consider in advance what you will wear for your session so here are a few tips to help you:

  • Firstly, wear clothes that make you feel confident and that are comfortable and smart.  Bring more than one option to your shoot if you are unsure.
  • Ensure all clothes are clean and pressed.  This is especially important for collared shirts and suits as the camera will pick up a lot of detail.  Wrinkles in clothing will not be edited out.
  • Select clothes that reflect you and your brand.  What will your customers or tribe identify with? Is your brand more corporate and polished or is it more organic and relaxed?  
  • Will you be adding anything to your image such as text or colour?  If so, it is important that you know what the end result will look like so that you can dress accordingly.
  • Choose block colours and avoid busy prints and logos.  This will keep the focus on you rather than on your clothes.
  • Avoid black or white clothes or keep them to a minimum as they can lose detail.  If you are wanting black and white images, consider clothing that has variations in both tone (light to dark) and texture.
  • Remember that bright colours can draw attention away from your face so perhaps choose something more muted that compliments the tones of your hair, skin and eyes.

What about hair and make-up for my photo shoot?

Hair and make-up is not included in the session fee, however, I would recommend hiring a professional hair and make-up artist (HMUA) to ensure that you are looking polished and feeling confident for your session.  If you are happy to do your own make up that’s fine. Even if you don’t usually wear much make up, it’s worth using some foundation, lip colour and mascara to bring more attention to your face and to accentuate your features.

If you dye your hair / roots please make sure that this has been done just before your session.  Ensure nails are well manicured and polish is not chipped.

Guys:  ensure that facial hair is neatly trimmed and maintained.

How long will it take to get my headshot images?

For Express Headshots, I aim to get these to you within one working day of your session.  For the Starter Package, your images will be ready in 2-4 working days. For larger packages, it will take longer but the expected timeframe will be made clear to you at the end of your session.  

How will I receive my headshot images?

You will be sent a link to a password protected online gallery and images will be in high and low resolution for your convenience.  (High resolution is suitable for printing and low resolution is suitable for web use.)  Once you receive your images you should save them and back them up in a second location. You will receive a full print licence to use the images online and in print for your own personal or business use only.

Will my headshot images be retouched?

All images will be shown to you with correct exposure and colour correction applied.  Individual Express Headshots are retouched as standard. For all other packages, further retouching is optional but highly recommended. Retouching would typically include:

  • Removal of blemishes
  • Reducing darkness under eyes
  • Correcting any discolouration in eyes and teeth
  • Evening out skin tone
  • Reducing stray hairs and flyaways
  • Reducing any shine on skin
  • Increasing sharpness
  • Enhancing colour and contrast

The idea is to make you look better and reduce distractions whilst keeping it real and believable. 

Headshot Photography Retouching Fees:

  • Individual Express Headshots – retouching is included
  • Premium & Executive Packages – £10/image, minimum fee £50.

Note – Photo Retouching for Actors: You will also need images with little or no retouching so that casting directors can see you exactly as you are in real life.