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The  Boudoir  Photography Experience

There are many reasons why women choose to book a boudoir photography session, whether it’s to celebrate a special birthday, getting married, having achieved a fitness or health goal, or to help restore self-esteem following divorce.  What unites these women is a deep desire to really know that they’re strong, beautiful and unique, even if they don’t feel that way all the time or they’ve been told otherwise.  The truth is, you don’t need a reason.  Ultimately, I want you to do it for you.

I’ll take great care to help you relax and feel at ease in front of my camera.  Because when you feel good, you’ll look good too.

Before your shoot, I’ll guide you on how to prepare and what to wear. On the day, after you’ve had your hair and make-up styling, I will coach, encourage and celebrate you throughout your session with me!  Afterwards, I’ll show you your very best portraits and you can choose how you want to display them.  

Even if you’re not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge, please get in touch to book a no-obligation consultation and find out more.  I’d love to talk to you about how a boudoir session can transform how you see yourself!


I was made to feel really comfortable and appreciated the direction given. Being consulted throughout on outfits, positions and backgrounds helped me feel at ease as I had a say in the process. I don’t like having my photo taken so to see all these lovely photos was a huge confidence boost.

From the moment I entered, Ruth put me at ease. I am super happy with the photos I have received and this experience has made me feel empowered and more confident in my own body.  Thank you so much!

Ruth was brilliant for my maternity shoot, she really worked on capturing those personal photos as keepsakes of my bump which I will treasure in years to come. I’d really recommend Ruth’s services – thank you Ruth.

I absolutely loved my maternity photo shoot! I was slightly apprehensive, however, Ruth made me feel really relaxed and comfortable. I was really surprised with how much I loved the final photos. Thank you!

Ruth made me feel very comfortable and this has definitely made me feel more comfortable in my own skin.  Thank you for the beautiful photos which we will cherish and can’t wait to share with our daughter!

Never have I ever felt so happy and confident in my own body, I could hardly recognise this beautiful young woman in the pictures. Ruth’s passion for helping women find love for themselves is truly amazing. Thank you!

I had an amazing time doing a boudoir photoshoot with Ruth. It made me appreciate not just my body but also my own journey as a business owner, mum, and wife. This whole experience reminded me that I am a strong woman. I got much more from this experience than I was expecting.





You might be wondering why you're even here considering boudoir photography and I'm sure you have lots of questions.  Hopefully I have covered most things here, but if there's something I've missed, please get in touch!

The women on your website look like models. I don’t look like that, can I really do this?

The women you see on my website are my clients and whilst they are all fabulous human beings, they are not models.  What you’ll notice, however, is that they all look confident and comfortable being in front of the camera.  My testimonials show how relaxed my clients feel during a session with me and this is because I create a fully guided experience – you don’t need to know how to pose or have any experience at all to have a great time.  I will coach, guide, and celebrate you throughout!  To find out how I approach boudoir photography, read this blog post.

How much does a boudoir photography session cost?

My session fee is £200 and includes a zoom / in-person pre-session consultation (with tips on what to wear, styling and how to prepare), a fully guided photo shoot, a viewing and ordering session and a complimentary 10 x 7” matted print. 

Professional hair and make-up is an optional but highly recommended add on for £150.  Being pampered at the start of your session really sets the tone and you will not only look but feel fabulous!

Once you have seen your finished images at your viewing and ordering session, you can decide on what you would like to purchase.  Some people may choose to spend £300, some may spend £3000 but the choice is yours and you will receive a matching digital file for each image you purchase.  There’s no hard sell, you only buy what you love! 

How far in advance should I book?

I recommend booking 6-8 weeks ahead so that you have time to prepare and source any wardrobe items you want to bring to your session.  If you need your printed images by a certain date, please get in touch so I can advise you on product lead times. 

Where will my boudoir session take place?

Most sessions take place at my home in Loughborough. Alternatively, you may prefer to be in your own surroundings or perhaps a beautiful hotel for a bespoke experience - I’d love to help you make that happen!  (Hire and/or travel costs may apply for a location shoot.)

How long will my boudoir session take?

Hair and make-up will take around one hour and your shoot will be around 1.5 - 2 hours. 

Does it have to be really revealing or do I have to wear stilettos and fancy lingerie?

No, no and no!!  This is all about you being empowered to BE YOU.  Feeling like you have to look or act like someone else or a cultural expectation is not going to help you do that.  Before your session, we will chat about your style preferences so I have a clear idea of how you want to be seen.  If that’s in lingerie, great!  If that’s in your favourite oversized t-shirt and undies, that’s great too!  If lingerie is not your thing, take a look at this blog post for some inspiration! Just be sure that whatever you bring feels authentic and in alignment with who you are so it all feels good.

Will my images be retouched?

Yes, every image will be gently retouched.  My aim is to remove any distractions and reveal your beautiful and powerful self!  Any temporary blemishes will be removed but I won’t remove moles, scars, stretch marks unless you ask me to.  Please let me know if you have any specific requests in this area or would like to know more about my process and philosophy. 

When can I choose my favourite images?

Your images will be ready for your viewing session approximately 14 days after your shoot.  I offer an in-person (or zoom) viewing and ordering session.  It is important to me that my customer service continues throughout your experience, and I don’t want it to stop at your photo shoot.  Clients really value the guidance I can give when selecting their images as it can be overwhelming – and it is honestly one of my favourite parts of the whole experience!

What products do you offer?

I offer beautiful folio boxes in 2 sizes that hold a collection of matted prints.  The larger size box also doubles up as a fabulous display piece with a window in the lid where you can easily change the photograph on display.  If you’d like some stunning wall art or a beautiful album of your favourite photographs, those are options too. Lead times for products will vary and will be made clear at your viewing and ordering session.

Will you share my images or can I keep them private?

I would absolutely love to share images from your session to show other women your amazing photographs, and more importantly, share your story.  However, I completely understand if you choose to keep them private. Images will only be shared with your express permission – you can choose to share all, some or none of your images and I will absolutely respect that.  You won’t make that decision until you have seen all your images at your viewing and ordering session. 




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