5 Easy Wardrobe Ideas for your Boudoir Photography Session

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5 Easy Wardrobe Ideas for your Boudoir Photography Session that aren’t Lingerie

Coming up with some easy wardrobe ideas for your boudoir photography session is simpler than you might think. If you’re not into lingerie then don’t worry, I’ve written this post with you in mind. You may want a less overtly sexy look and I’m here for it! Some of these ideas would also be suitable for a maternity session. So, here are some simple clothing ideas for your boudoir or maternity shoot that you might already have that will make you feel fabulous…


Perfect for a cosy look but make no mistake – this can still look sultry! To be able to drape the garment off your shoulders you may need something 1 or 2 sizes bigger than you would normally wear. This can easily be a dark and moody shot or a lighter, lazy weekend vibe.

The Bodysuit

This is a fabulous choice and can be plain and simple jersey, ruched to add some texture or as lacy as you like! You will naturally feel more covered up in a bodysuit so it can be a great option to start your session if you need a little time to relax into it. Not got a bodysuit? How about using your swimsuit? It will still be figure hugging but maybe not as lacy as an underwear version if that’s your preference. Bikinis count as boudoir wardrobe too, so use what you already have! There are some great options for bodysuits on the high street and, of course, online. Try Next for lots of different brands or H&M or Zara on the high street. ASOS is also a great place to look online.

The Jacket

This could be tailored, denim, leather – whatever you feel amazing in! Bear in mind how different fabrics will feel against your skin. Fabrics behave differently too and that will influence the look of your photographs. Denim and leather are thicker fabrics and so will not drape in the same way as viscose, linen, polyester, crepe or chiffon for example. Denim and leather jackets look great when they’re cropped so they don’t hide your curves. Jackets are also the perfect choice for maternity boudoir as they showcase that beautiful bump! If you want to be more covered up, how about choosing a tailored, wide-leg trouser suit for a fashion-inspired look? Depending on how much skin you want to show, you could either opt for nothing on underneath the jacket or perhaps a bralette. Consider borrowing this sort of item from a friend if you haven’t already got one or if you want to bring more options for your session.

The Beach Cover Up

These come in so many different versions – from casual cotton to sheer fabrics and crochet styles. Simply entering ‘beach cover up’ is a great search to put into google to see what you can find. Think about your preferred style and how you want to feel – do you like lace or would you prefer a crochet piece or a floaty semi-sheer wrap? A sheer fabric will make you feel more covered up whilst still showing your shape and curves. Length will also vary so consider this when you make your choice. Would you prefer a long, flowing wrap or a shorter one that doesn’t cover your legs? A great alternative to a beach cover up is to use a length of fabric draped around your body, as seen in the maternity portrait below.

The White Sheet

Not strictly an item of clothing but this still counts as a boudoir outfit! This is a beautiful way to create some stunning boudoir portraits that are simple, elegant and timeless. If you are drawn to a light and airy aesthetic this will be a fabulous choice for you. We can capture some semi-nude images or you could wear an underwear set or a vest top/singlet. Please note that I will never ask you to remove your underwear and all sessions are guided by you and what you feel comfortable with.

Boudoir Wardrobe Inspiration

I hope this post has inspired you! Think about how you want to feel during your session and when you look at your photographs. Your wardrobe will be a factor in that, so ensure that you love what you bring, that each item fits you well and makes you feel confident. This post is by no means exhaustive so enjoy gathering ideas and have fun! You can view my boudoir page with image galleries and FAQs here.

Book your Boudoir Photography Session

Are you ready to book your boudoir photography session? The first step is to get in touch with me and we can arrange a relaxed call where I will talk you through my process and answer any questions you may have. I also want to hear all about how you’d like to be photographed and your preferred style. It is so important to me that we are a good fit for each other and that you get the boudoir portraits you’ve been dreaming of! I can’t wait to chat to you about how transformative a boudoir shoot can be. You can find out more about my approach to boudoir photography here.



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