5 Tips for Feeling Calm for Your Photoshoot

I had a fantastic time recently when a friend invited me and another photographer to her studio.  We wanted to give each other the experience and service that our clients receive, and this began with Louise Aness doing our make-up styling.  We captured some beautiful personal branding images which go way beyond the standard headshot that many people think they want (trust me, you don’t want those!).  

I have had a great response from sharing my images, and the confidence boost has been amazing.  Being able to put images of yourself that you love into your marketing will enable you to connect way more powerfully with your clients.

I was surprisingly nervous before the shoot and I think it’s normal to feel this way, especially if you’re not used to being in front of the camera a lot.  I’m usually on the other side, behind the camera!  With that in mind, I have put together a list of things you can try to help you feel calm and confident for your shoot.  

My top 5 tips to feeling calm for your photo shoot:

Get to know your photographer and have a plan

For my portrait sessions, a consultation is included ahead of time so we can get to know each other and start designing your shoot.  We will discuss overall looks, wardrobe items, things to bring and how to prepare so that your shoot is a success.  This is a really fun part of the process and should be exciting as you start to dream of how you’d like to be photographed!

Get some good sleep for at least two weeks beforehand

Get to bed at a good time, avoid screens late at night and make sure that your bedroom is a calming place to rest.  Avoid heavy meals, alcohol and caffeine in the evening.  If you struggle to sleep, consider a routine before you turn out the light, or try increasing the amount of exercise you do, even if it’s simply walking more.  You will always look great if you’re well rested.

Drink plenty of water

We already know that we don’t drink enough water, don’t we?! But did you know that your skin is the last place to get hydration from the water you drink?  So, if you’re dehydrated, it will show in your skin first.  Headaches can also be caused by dehydration which doesn’t help when we want to feel our best.  Drinking 2 litres of water a day is recommended to help you function optimally and keep your skin looking supple and fresh.

Do something that helps you to feel good and induces a sense of calm. 

This might be exercise, yoga, mindfulness, being in nature – or something else. I would also recommend gentle stretching to the neck, shoulders and back so that you are as supple as possible in readiness for your shoot.  I like Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, it helps me to feel calm at the start of the day.  

Consider using essential oils and harnessing the power of plants.  

I asked Rachel of Essentially Rachel UK for some advice on the best essential oils to use and here are her top recommendations:

Wild Orange – for calm confidence; uplifts and helps to balance emotions

Bergamot – for self-acceptance and self-esteem, helping you to flip the script of self-judgement so you can say ‘I am enough’ and feel worthy (which of course, you already are, this will help you to believe it for yourself!)

Serenity Blend – helps to calm you when you’re feeling jittery and your head is spinning; grounding and soothing you when your energy is too high and it’s difficult to settle.  This one can calm you during the day and help you sleep at night.

Ginger – this is the oil of empowerment, it’s a powerful oil that will give you some ‘va-va-voom’ if you need it!  You can add a drop to sparkling water to drink, helping you to come out of your shell and feel confident.

Citrus Bliss Blend – This will help to raise your energy and vibe, promoting joy and confidence.  It is calming yet uplifting.

For more advice on essential oils tailored to you that will support your wellbeing, contact Rachel.

Here’s to feeling calm, confident and uplifted for your photo shoot!

Get in touch for a complimentary consultation, I’d love to help you feel more confident! You can also call me on 07790 755784 or email me: hello@ruthtaylorphotography.co.uk to find out more.