How to Choose the Right Photographer

5 Tips to help you choose the right photographer

This is an important question and I believe the fear of making the wrong decision makes us procrastinate for far too long.  I mean, what if you don’t connect during the shoot?  Or what if you don’t like the results?  But the alternative is so much better!  

Think about how it would feel to work with a photographer you connect with, whose portfolio is just what you’re looking for and your experience with them results in you having some beautiful legacy portraits to enjoy for years to come?  Or maybe you want to get to the next level in business and the photography is going to get you there?  How would that feel?  I hope these tips help you!

  • Look at their portfolio – do you like their style?

A photographer will be very at ease photographing you in the style that they show in their portfolio.  So, choose a photographer whose style you love, and you will both enjoy the experience!  

If what you are wanting is similar (but not quite the same as what you see in their portfolio), ask them if they can do what you’re looking for as they may be up for doing something a bit different.  But don’t ask a photographer with a predominantly edgy and dramatic style to create some light and airy images for you – it’s not going to work!

Also consider (if you are looking for portrait / boudoir / lifestyle photography) would their style sit well within your home if you wanted some pieces to display on your wall? 

  • Are your needs aligned with what they offer?

You need to find a photographer that specialises in the genre of photography that you’re looking for.  This is what they do best!  

If you are looking for business / brand photography, will their aesthetic be a good fit with your brand and the direction you want to take things going forward?  Will the photographer help you to elevate your view of yourself and propel you to the next level in your business?

If you’re looking for lifestyle / portrait / boudoir photography, can you see relaxed and authentic posing and connection in their portraits?

Will the photographer’s packages be a good fit? Can they create a bespoke package for you?

Note:  if you are looking for a newborn photographer, please ensure they are adequately qualified as there are important safety considerations with this sort of portrait session.

  • Do you like them?  How will you know?  

You will begin to get a sense of the photographer’s personality from their website and social media, but you’ll need to talk to them to really know if they are the right photographer for you.  

A professional photographer will want to understand your needs ahead of your session so that they can deliver on those for you!  Make use of a consultation to connect with them and ask questions.  It needs to be a good fit – it will be the people you work with that create the right energy for your session.  The photographer you choose should provide a safe space for you throughout your experience with them.

  • Where are they located – and is this important to you?

Does the photographer work from a studio or on location – and is that important to you?  If the photographer works primarily from a studio but you’re wanting something more unique and would like to incorporate a different location that is meaningful to you then make sure you talk about your ideas during your consultation and explore the possibilities.  Or perhaps you’d like the photographer to travel to your location?  Again, discuss this with them – doing things out of the box might just make some magic!

  • Don’t shop on price

Any purchase should be an equal exchange of value.  The more you pay, the more value you should receive.  Be cautious if prices are low as you might be dealing with someone who is more of a hobbyist or perhaps hasn’t got the experience that is required.  Think about what is important to you and the value you need.  Consider all the above points and choose a photographer that ticks the boxes and will deliver an excellent experience and beautiful images for you.

I hope these tips are helpful!  If you’d like to find out how we can work together, you can book a complimentary zoom call here.  I’d love to hear all about how you dream of being photographed!