Stepping out of your Comfort Zone | Loughborough Boudoir Photography

I’ve been drawn to boudoir photography for ages – but not all of it.  Some of it is just absolute feminine gorgeousness, light skimming curves in the most perfect way, tasteful, understated, and elegant.  And some of it I just don’t like and is a million miles away from anything I would want to create.  So, I avoided trying it and learning how to do it – until this year when I purchased Kara Marie’s Boudoir Series.  When it was unexpectedly on sale I thought ‘It’s now or never,’ and I realised that I could learn to do it my way – which of course will evolve over time but undoubtably be full of feminine gorgeousness and curves! Sometimes you just have to follow the gentle nudges and step out of your comfort zone to explore new possibilities…

What boudoir photography is to me

For me, boudoir photography is about celebrating the woman you are and the woman you are becoming.  We don’t have to hide the journey you took to get here.  And the most important thing? I want to help you see yourself differently. Because, like me, you maybe fixate a little too much on the bits you don’t like so much instead of seeing and celebrating your gorgeousness, strength, beauty and badassery!!  Let’s change the way you see yourself…

Enter Miss I, a fabulous woman with big aspirations and the most infectious smile.  It was amazing to have her in front of my camera for my first boudoir shoot and, oh my goodness:!


Here’s what she said after her boudoir shoot:

I had an amazing time doing a boudoir photoshoot with Ruth. I felt pampered, it was good to have my hair and makeup done. I was made to feel comfortable and at ease even though I was worried I didn’t how to pose. It was easier than I expected. I feel happy that I’ve done it as it helped me to boost my confidence. I felt really excited after the photoshoot and I loved looking at the photos! It made me appreciate not just my body but also my own journey as a business owner, mum, and wife. This whole experience reminded me that I am a strong woman. I got much more from this experience than I was expecting. Highly recommended.

Miss I

Stay tuned, there’s lots more stepping out of the comfort zone to come! Feel free to get in touch to find out more.