Ruth Taylor | Award-Winning Loughborough Portrait Photographer

January marked the first of the biannual submissions for The Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation in 2021.  I am always a bundle of excitement and nerves when entering!   How do I choose which images to enter?  What will the judges be looking for?  Which images might score well?  

All images entered are reviewed by 5 grand master judges and an average score is given.  In this round over 11,000 submissions were received and I am delighted to have been awarded 4 bronze awards!  Each bronze award counts towards a points total and a certain level of points is required to attain associate, master and fellow status.  I’m determined to get there one day and the process of submitting images for accreditation is making me more deliberate about how I create each image, slowing down and noticing the details so I can create some really special portraits.