Commercial Photography for Lottie Lane Designs

I was delighted to have been asked recently to create some website and social media images for the launch of Lottie Lane, a beautiful fabric and homewares company based in Loughborough. The talent behind Lottie Lane is Charlotte Cook and her inspiration comes from being well travelled and having a slight obsession with giraffes – her house is full of them! She lived in Singapore as a child and her influences are very varied and colourful.

It’s important for your customers to see the face behind the brand. Don’t be shy!

Defining the brand

We began by talking about the Lottie Lane brand and how she wanted the website to look. I asked Charlotte what her brand words were and we chatted about how this would influence the visual aesthetic of Lottie Lane. Brand words describe distinctive features of what you want your product, service and customer experience to be like. How do you want your customers to feel when they do business with you or use your products? Charlotte’s words were bright, colourful, playful, illustrative and fun. She also wanted a clean and simple look for her website.

Brand Aesthetic

After we had a clear idea of Lottie Lane’s key words and values, we did several shoots and worked on different elements of her business each time, including fabrics, curtains, cushions, mugs, coasters, aprons and personalised illustrative art pieces.  

One location we used to feature Lottie Lane’s products was this beautiful dresser at Charlotte’s house. It certainly adds a personal touch to the images.

Other backgrounds were chosen carefully so that the products would take centre stage.

The header images for the homepage were the last to be photographed. This was a really fun part as I simply experimented with different layouts using Charlotte’s fabrics, wanting to clearly communicate the playful and fun nature of her designs.

Charlotte left me a lovely review which you can read below:


I worked with Ruth to help launch Lottie Lane Designs. She is an absolutely amazing photographer and I could not have done this without her support and professionalism. Ruth has a natural eye for detail, she listens and makes sure everything is perfect whilst also being fun to have around. She is fantastic and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Charlotte is bursting with ideas and you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook. I wish her every success!

Commercial Photography in the East Midlands

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