Headshots and Personal Branding – Part 2

In my first post on Headshots and Personal Branding (which you can read here ) I talked about the importance of making a plan and being really clear on what you want, both in terms of style and what you want your images to achieve for you and your business.

In this second post, I’ll cover a few things to consider as you prepare for your shoot, including the all-important question of what to wear. Deciding what to wear can be difficult and how we describe clothing can often be ambiguous.  I mean, how exactly do you define smart-casual?! Here are a few practical tips to help you decide what to wear for your headshot and personal branding session:


What should I wear for my headshot session?


1.  Wear clothes that make you feel confident and that are comfortable and smart. Bring more than one option to your shoot if you’re unsure.

2.  Ensure all clothes are clean and pressed. This is especially important for collared shirts and suits as the camera will pick up a lot of detail.

3.  Select clothes that reflect you and your brand. What will your customers or tribe identify with?  Is your brand more corporate and polished or is it more organic and relaxed?

4. Are you going to add things to your images such as text or colour?  If so, know what your end result will look like so you can dress accordingly.

5.  Choose block colours and avoid busy prints or logos. This will keep the focus on you rather than on your clothes.

6.  Avoid black or white clothes or keep them to a minimum as they can lose detail. If you’re wanting black and white images, consider clothing that has variations in both tone (light to dark) and texture.

7.  Remember that bright colours can draw the attention away from your face so perhaps choose something more muted that compliments the tones of your hair, eyes and skin.

8.  Hair and make-up is not included in the session fee but do take time to consider this so that you look your very best. If you’re happy doing your own make up that’s fine or you can book your own hair and make up stylist.  Guys – ensure that facial hair is neatly trimmed and maintained.

9.  Drink plenty of water and ensure that you are well rested for your shoot.



If you missed part 1 you can read that here and my headshot gallery has more examples too.  I hope these practical tips are helpful as you decide what to wear for your next headshot and personal branding session.  So, lets’s get your new headshots done!   If you’d like me to help you with this, please call me on 07790 755784 or you can send me a message via the contact form.  I promise to help you feel relaxed and it will be much easier than you might think.  If you’re still on the fence, take a look at some kind words from my lovely clients about what it’s like to work with me.