A Mother Daughter Portrait Shoot – in the Rain!

Anyone living in England knows that the weather can never be relied on, so what happens when it’s cloudy or even raining on the day of your shoot?  The forecast had predicted a dry, cloudy afternoon but as we walked away from the car the first few drops of rain started falling…

Fortunately, the rain was light – I wouldn’t advise going ahead with a shoot when it’s pouring down! There were a few worried glances skyward but I found this spot where the light was even and the background contained a harmonious colour palette.  I positioned Gemma and Eloise amongst the cow parsley stems and captured some images of them interacting together.

The rain came down some more so coats were put back on and we went to find the next location, picking ferns and cow parsley as we walked.

I loved our next location below as it was dry and had soft, flattering light for portraits.  Aren’t Eloise’s curls just stunning?!

Our last location was sheltered from the rain among the trees and I took the last few shots of the session before we headed back to the car, singing songs and swinging Eloise between us as we went.

This is Eloise’s ‘no more kisses for mummy’ face! (above)

If you would like some portraits of you and your loved ones do get in touch!  In the meantime, why not have a look at some more of my portrait work here.

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